Friday, April 8, 2011

President Obama, Please stop chasing Windmills! Let's put America back to work...

America.   We call her the "Land of the Free", the "Home of the Brave", a "Leader Among Nations".   For many who arrive on her shores, she is a "Beacon of Hope" and a "Land of Endless Possibility".     The characteristics of our founders:  entrepreneurism, rugged individualism, and self reliance, make it possible for a person to become anything and accomplish anything he or she can imagine.   We coin this the "American Dream".   It is the "American Dream" which is at stake in this year's budget crisis as government regulations, restrictions and out of control spending stifle economic growth.   An economy only fails if it stops.   Our economy is coming to a screeching halt.
President Obama's energy policy is a roadblock to economic recovery.   Almost 90% of US energy production is based in coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear.   American ingenuity and entrepreneurism can result in innovation to make our energy safer, less dangerous, and less expensive.  Incentives for research and development in these areas can encourage such innovation.    President Obama's plan to force consumption of Solar, wind and ethanol requires massive government subsidies because our economy has not developed a market for production or consumption of these energy sources yet.    This subsidy spending increases taxes on a voting public 15 million of whom are presently out of work.
In speaking to my many supporters who are union workers in the trades, I have learned that these hardworking men and women were promised that if they voted for Obama, they would be given jobs building windmill farms, and similar renewable energy production facilities. Almost all of these trades union workers are still out of work, and those who are working have a very bleak view of the future for their families.
Alternative energy and renewable energy sources have a place in America's future.   We should incentivize development of these sources in a healthy energy plan.  Domestic fuel production and delivery puts Americans back to work.  If President Obama will release his stranglehold on the energy industry, the private sector can provide the jobs American's desperately need in this difficult economic time.  A recent Wood Mackenzie study found that accessing U.S. oil and natural gas currently off-limits could create more than 530,000 jobs and generate $150 billion in government revenue by 2025.   At a time when we are seeking $100 billion in cuts to offset a budget deficit, this revenue generation is significant.
A balanced and comprehensive plan for Energy Independence is a matter of national security. Such a plan must include domestic production of oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy with incentives toward increased alternative energy and renewable energy sources as the American economy can sustain. Not only will such a plan create jobs immediately and stabilize the US economy, but it will protect us from the instability of nations in the Middle East and their affect upon our access to fuel sources, as well as making progress toward addressing our budget deficit
President Obama must stop making promises that he cannot keep, and that the American people simply cannot afford.   We, the People call on President Obama to release his stranglehold on the US economy.  
President Obama, please STOP CHASING WINDMILLS.  It is time to put America back to work!